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Sweden Axes Gates Mad Global Warming Scheme

Sweden Axes Gates Mad Global Warming Scheme
By F. William Engdahl
12 April 2021

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For more than a decade Bill Gates has funneled millions of dollars into a scientifically mad scheme allegedly to study the possibility of “manmade global cooling.” The project, led by a Harvard physicist, proposes to send satellites into the atmosphere in order to drop tons of chemicals in an attempt to block the sun. Now a strong resistance within Sweden has forced Gates & co. to abandon the planned Swedish satellite launch. This latest adventure in geoengineering by Gates shows what an unscientific enterprise the global warming charade is. As Gates no doubt well knows, in fact the Earth has slowly been cooling as we enter what some astrophysicists estimate could be several decades of global cooling caused by a Grand Solar Minimum cycle we entered in 2020 .

On April 2 the Swedish Space Agency, announced that the program, the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), funded by Bill Gates, has “divided the scientific community” and will therefore not be carried out.SCoPEx was a scheme funded for several years by personal funds from Gates to test the feasibility of dimming the sun via manmade geoengineering.

The plan is to drop sulphate aerosolor calcium carbonate dust into the atmosphere from high altitude balloons in a madcap scheme to try blocking the sun and thereby “prevent “ global warming. The Swedish agency decided to cancel the experiment because of a major opposition from not only the scientific and environmentalist community, but also indigenous Swedish Saame or Laplander people who are reindeer herdsmen and feared the particles could cause severe or unknown environmental pollution to their herds. Notably, the Saami Council warned that the Gates experiment “essentially attempts to mimic volcanic eruptions by continuously spewing the sky with sun-dimming particles.”

Since at least 2010 Gates has called for manmade dimming of the sun. He has given a reported $4.6 million to Harvard physicist David Keith to advance the scheme. Keith has been an advisor to Gates since 2005. Along with Chevron, Gates is also a major investor in Keith’s company, Carbon Engineering, a Canada-based Direct Air Capture firm. Direct Air Capture is another mad scheme, a process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the ambient air, using large fans to push ambient air through a filter where it is treated with caustic solvent to extract CO2. It involves staggering amounts of water and energy, and a land area the size of India by some estimates. By conservative estimates carbon capture to reach zero CO2 from fossil fuels would run more than $5 trillion yearly even if it was possible on a mass scale. Keith seems happy to play with such bizarre projects on the tab of billionaire pseudo-scientist Gates.

In a 2010 TED talk, Gates answered a question on solar blocking to try to offset global warming. He stated then, “Do we have to start taking emergency measures to keep the temperature of the earth stable?… There is a line of research on what’s called geoengineering, which are various techniques that would delay the heating to buy us 20 or 30 years to get our act together.”

Keith said despite the Swedish setback the group will look for support in the Biden Administration to do the tests in the US. The USA National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine recently published a report calling for $100-200 million to be pumped into “solar geo-engineering” over the next five years.

Geo-engineering very real

Until recently the US Government has denied conducting geo-engineering and has labelled any discussion of such projects as “chemtrail” spraying of the skies as “conspiracy theory.” Now they seem to be more open about what have been highly classified geo-engineering projects. In November 2017 the Republican-dominated US House of Representatives held the first hearings on “Geo-engineering: Innovation, Research, and Technology.” The panel discussed the need for further research into solar reflection geo-engineering, known as stratospheric aerosol injection.

One substance being considered for the Gates project and other such sun blocking schemes is what is called coal fly ash, the residue left in a coal power plant after burning coal. However, coal fly ash, which in modern coal plants is captured and disposed safely, if seeded in clouds to dim the sun, could bring a toxic acid rain to Earth.

According to the Physicians for Social Responsibility, “Depending on where the coal was mined, coal ash typically contains heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and selenium, as well as aluminum, antimony, barium, beryllium, boron, chlorine, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, thallium, vanadium, and zinc.” The group notes that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found that,“If eaten, drunk or inhaled, these toxicants can cause cancer and nervous system impacts such as cognitive deficits, developmental delays and behavioral problems. They can also cause heart damage, lung disease, respiratory distress, kidney disease, reproductive problems, gastrointestinal illness, birth defects, and impaired bone growth in children.” That is not minor.

Grand Solar Minimum

There is much that can be said against the Gates-Harvard project. The statement by the Saami Council that the Gates-Keith sun-blocking enterprise is an attempt “to mimic volcanic eruptions by continuously spewing the sky with sun-dimming particles,” is the most relevant, and for reasons not being discussed as widely as it should.

What the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) refuses to discuss is the relation between the sun and climate changes on Earth. By far the greatest factor in Earth climate change and weather is the sun and its cycles of solar eruptions and cyclically also lack of same.

The fundamentalpoint about changes today in climate is that the Earth is in the early stage not of global warming, but of a global cooling period, called by astrophysicists a Grand Solar Minimum. If this is correct, it portends the most dramatic and by far most dangerous climate change imaginable. According to NASA our planet entered what they estimate will be the strongest solar minimum cycle in some 200 years.

What Al Gore and others try to keep hidden is the fact that the Earth is not warming since around 2000, and since summer 2020, has entered what will be a cooling phase lasting some predict until around 2055. Historically periods of Grand Solar Minimum, taking place every 200 years or so, create highly unstable weather patterns, prolonged major floods, massive crop failures and wild swings in temperature (both up and down),as well as jet stream disturbances, which create singular heat waves and wild fires among other extreme events. These effects have also all been registered during periods at least a century before invention of the internal combustion engine.

What no Global Warming computer model is capable of is to incorporate the effects of our sun on Earth climate, this despite well-documented scientific evidence that solar cycles are the greatest factor in changing climate over years. In fact they do not even try to.

Solar eruptions known popularly as sunspots rise and decline in 11-and 22-year cycles roughly. On top of these cycles are 100-year and 200-year grand cycles. Since June 2020 we have begun such a Grand Solar Minimum, one in which sunspot activity could likely decline to zero for several decades.

Volcanoes and the Sun

Increasing scientific research is finding that while the driving mechanism is not entirely clear, periods of solar minimum and, especially of Grand Solar Minima, are also associated with dramatic increase in earthquakes and of volcanic activity.

A group of Japanese scientists led by Toshikazu Ebisuzaki examined the timing of 11 eruptive volcanic events that produced silica-rich magma from four volcanoes in Japan. They found that “Nine of the 11 events occurred during inactive phases of solar magnetic activity (solar minimum), which is well indexed by the group sunspot number. This strong association between eruption timing and the solar minimum is statistically significant to a confidence level of 96.7.” That is a very high correlation.

Some 200 years ago we had the last Grand Solar Minimum period, known to scientists as the Dalton Minimum,in the beginning of the 19th century. In 1816, the cloud cover across the planet was so severe that it was known as the Year With No Summer.The Dalton Minimum lasted from circa 1790 – 1820. In 1815 a huge volcanic eruption at Mount Tambora in Indonesia, the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded human history, spewed so much volcanic ash into the atmosphere that in 1816 Thomas Jefferson recorded in his weather diary in Virginia the absence of summer sun. It triggered extreme weather and harvest failures in many areas around the world. Frost and snow in North America during June 1816 destroyed most agriculture crops. Globally it was the worst famine of the 19th Century. The huge volumes of volcanic ash in the atmosphere lasting more than one year from Tambora reflected significant amounts of solar radiation, causing unseasonably cool summers that contributed to food shortages.

The evidence that we are in the early stages of a Grand Solar Minimum similar to that of the 19th Century or worse is compelling. Sumatra’s incredibly active Sinabung Volcano has exploded in spectacular fashion March 2, sending volcanic ash 40,000 feet high into the atmosphere.Particulates ejected to altitudes above 32,800 feet (10 km) –and into the stratosphere– have a direct cooling effect on the planet. Iceland, the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, and other eruptions in recent weeks suggest we may be in for far more dramatic climate shocks than the self-appointed global climate czar Bill Gates admits. Gates, the Davos World Economic Forum and countless grant-hungry climate “scientists” refuse to consider the solar reality, instead pursuing such mad projects as chemical dimming of the sun. The trillions of dollars projected to be spent on inefficient solar and wind energy, indicates their agenda has nothing to do with health of the planet, nor of us. We can be sure those scientists who advise Gates re fully aware of solar cycles.Give them credit on one point, they are masters of deception.

F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”